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“My family has been involved in Dancin’ Off Broadway since I was young. My children have danced there for the past 5 years. I chose DOB because of my experience in the past and its amazing reputation. My daughter has built a great deal of confidence in herself as well as determination to succeed while dancing. My son has also found a love for dance and maybe gained a bit of sass! I truly believe the instructors and staff play a major role in this, yes including the sass. With encouraging words, high expectations, follow through, and fun they build the dancers up. They work hard to build sportsmanship and kindness during competition as well.” – DK, Carlos, MN


“My daughter has been a DOB dancer since the age of two. I love seeing her progress and the confidence she’s gained over the years! The recitals are always so packed full of energy and so much fun! We’re also thankful for instructors Teryl and Mariya along with the rest of the Lawinger family! They have played a huge role in my daughters love for dance and the drive to succeed! The friendships we have made will last a lifetime! We love being a part of the DOB family!” – SS, Kensington, MN


“DOB has meant so much to us the past 7 years! I thought it would be something fun to do, [but] I had no idea it would become what it has! It has become a new family for us and another place to feel at home. My daughter has gained so much confidence and discipline over the years! She is not afraid to ask questions at school or talk in front of people. She walks tall and proud, and has learned so many life lessons on how to handle stress. Mariya is the new owner of DOB and has done a beautiful job of carrying on the DOB name and continues to add new ideas and has such a passion for what she does! The instructors at DOB are so amazing and have nothing but a caring and kind attitude! They want to see all the dancers dance and perform at the highest level that they personally can! The shows are amazing! I have family that comes from out of town and they leave in awe each and every time they see a show!! The costumes are out of this world, and the song choices are superb! I honestly can’t say enough about DOB!! If you have a daughter or son that wants to give it a try I say go for it!! Thank you DOB!!!” – JL, Garfield, MN


“What I love most about DOB is the positive and friendly atmosphere. At DOB we are more than friends; we are family. The recitals are always so much fun to watch, and be a apart of. It is so awesome to see how much other dancers and myself improve each day. I love the way the costumes look onstage and how they accommodate to each song. The instructors and staff are so friendly and teach us so much. Each year is always better than the last, and I cannot wait to make more memories!” – EN, Sauk Centre, MN


My oldest daughter starting dancing with Dancin’ Off Broadway five years ago, and my younger daughter four years ago! They like it so much that I’m pretty sure their two-year old twin sisters will be following in their footsteps before we know it. The girls have grown so much in their confidence as little girls and in their dance skills. They have made a lot of friends and memories already, at ages 6 and 9! This Fall will mark our 4th year of competitive dance and we have had so much fun and made so many great memories. Dancin’ Off Broadway has brought so much growth and fun into our family of four girls. We are very much looking forward to many more wonderful years at Dancin’ Off Broadway! Go DOB! – HB, Alexandria, MN

My daughter (age 10) has been dancing of Broadway with DOB for two years now. Not only have the professional and friendly staff taught her the technique of dance, they have also taught her poise, confidence, and grace. Dance has taught her to step out of her comfort zone to create new experiences and amazing memories. If you are looking for a place for your child to dance, DOB is the place to be. BH, Alexandria, MN


“One of the best gifts I have given my daughter she has learned through dancing at DOB. To be able to perform on a stage in front of hundreds of people, feel confident in knowing her steps AND confident to keep moving if she forgets her steps, is priceless. If she never dances another day in her life, to gain self confidence and poise (and have fun learning tap, ballet & jazz along with it), is an incredible life skill to possess.” – BK, Alexandria, MN


“Dancin Off Broadway has been an amazing experience for my daughter. She has grown both as a dancer and as a person. It has helped to enhance not only her dancing, but her music involvements as well. Dancin Off Broadway has boosted her self esteem. The staff at DOB is friendly and encouraging. They know every girls’, parents’ and siblings’ names! It’s amazing! In the words of my daughter, ‘DOB rocks!'” – CR, Alexandria, MN


“Dancin Off Broadway provides a fun, friendly atmosphere for learning dance. Our girls have gained confidence and pride from their experiences at dance. Since the first day we have been impressed at how the classes are run in a way that is fun for kids, while also organized and professional.” – AD, Alexandria, MN


“DOB offers every age and every ability a chance to experience the wonderful art of dance. Each dancer is encouraged and appreciated as an individual all the while learning the importance of teamwork within the entire class. I credit the professionalism of the staff at DOB for helping my daughter become the poised and confident young woman she is today.” – SL, Alexandria, MN