Josie Buckentine

Josie Buckentine


Specialties: Jazz + Tap

We have been lucky to have Josie at the studio since age 3, becoming a competitive dancer at the young age of 5, and eventually an instructor at age 12. Josie has incredible work ethic and is a shining example of how hard work can pay off. Not only is she a stunning dancer on the stage, but she can always be counted on to know her stuff and be an excellent teammate in the studio. With her beautiful technique and super fun stage presence, she is looked up to by many young dancers at the studio. This translates so well into her role as an instructor. She always takes the time to make each little one feel special or to cheer on a friend from the wings. We so appreciate all of her hard work at the studio, and even more so we love that she always has a smile on her face and a laugh to share whenever she comes through the studio doors.

“I love how everyone in the DOB family is so caring and welcoming!”

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