Wes Kemper


Assistant Technical Director


Wes has been a part of the DOB family before he even married into it, already attending recitals and competitions in his high school years. With little to no exposure to the arts before his experience with DOB and the Lawinger/Kampsen family, he has grown to love and appreciate everything that goes into a big stage production. He is now a big part of the behind-the-scenes gig at DOB, whether it is helping with props, being Mr. Fix-It at the studio, or being Dance Dad/Husband of the Year. He even showed off his moves on the stage this past season with the Dancin’ Dads. While he doesn’t teach dance, he enjoys watching all of the production numbers and hip hop dances, and a favorite memory of his is attending Masquerade Nationals with the DOB fam.

“I love just being around everyone at shows and in the studio. It literally feels like my second family! I also enjoy talking to and meeting the other families at the shows and competitions, especially the other dance dads.”

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